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Protect Yourself: On-The-Ground Support from Technical Professionals

Your primary interest is to support your customers, solidify your supply chain and protect your business. When working with engineered products, a local warehouse may not be enough.

It’s not timely or effective to visit your customer’s shop floor for every little glitch, but it can also be risky to not go at all. Our team of experienced, objective manufacturing professionals can get all the details so you can make the right decision, quickly.

We store and ship material, but we can also qualify it, assemble it, kit it, line set it and rework it if needed. We work with your customers on a technical level on your behalf.

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Since 1983, Fortus Technologies, Inc. (FTI) has been a sourcing and manufacturing solutions partner for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) who need high quality – and often unique and complex – engineered components and subassemblies. When you need castings, machined components, CNC turning, powdered metals and injection molded plastics, our team stands ready to help! Regardless of your volume requirements, we can provide documented quality with every on time delivery.
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Fortus Technologies is ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Our services.

We offer a wide variety of services designed to improve efficiency and provide value to our clients.

If you are looking for a committed supply partner who:

  • Provides Transparency
  • Protects Your Confidentiality
  • Manages Our Programs and Keeps You Informed
  • Has a Long History of Resourcefulness in Supplier Management
  • Brings Verifiable Technical Expertise
  • Adheres to Documented Quality Expectations
  • Takes the Time to Really Support Your Internal Culture and Delivers a Total Value by Eliminating the “Soft” Costs Associated with Outsourcing

Then you are looking for us!

Whether it’s manufacturing in our U.S.-based facility or working with a trusted core of international partners, our team at FTI can help.

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FTI is proud to have established long-term relationships with clients that go far beyond providing parts and assemblies. We build transparent relationships that create value for all sides.

“Our company began working with FTI as a secondary source in 2009. Due to their pricing, quality – and quick response when quality issues have arisen, and reliability, they have become a valued primary source for us.” - Lance B., Specialty Automotive Industry

“We have used FTI to help source key components in our products that are critical. These can be difficult to manufacture and costly but they have been able to deliver and help us manage expenses. It’s really their experience and their quick response that makes them so valuable.” - Jonathan M., Telecommunications Industry

“It’s very simple…Fortus Technologies provides a competitive price, good quality and good service. When we have a new product need, they are there to bring us solutions in a timely manner.” - Luis R., OEM Automotive Industry

"Fortus has been making several difficult components for us for over 12 years. They have always been very reliable. In fact, over the last six years we have had ZERO defects and ZERO late deliveries." - William K. - OEM Automotive Industry

"Our company continues to support a large number of legacy products. Because of the support we get from the team at FTI, our ability to satisfy these customer needs has become much less of a headache. They always deliver." - Bruce R. - OEM Heavy Truck Industry

"We have had more success working with Fortus than with our own company’s international sourcing team." - Caleb R. - Construction Products Industry

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