Transmission Project

In Case Studies by hollandwebdev

A long time customer of FTI needed to streamline their internal processing lines and feed two facilities; one in North America and the other in Asia. The transmission is one of the most critical components of their product. They had several concerns:

  • Quality/Performance
  • They needed to protect their confidential specifications and IP.
  • They needed to assemble the unit in Asia to contain costs for that market.
  • They were concerned that having this assembly in the possession of their Asian supplier would allow them to make a comparable unit to their own and create a competitor.
  • They wanted to know that someone would make and ship only the exact quantities required and would act as their representative to the Asian supplier’s facility.

Fortus has been a longtime, trusted supply partner. FTI was currently providing the main components and it was a natural transition to the final product. Our customer recognized that we had the manufacturing capability and engineering expertise to support it, and the integrity to protect their interests.